Truck Pull Zone 1.3

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This game has 12 levels of difficulty if you get thru the first with a pull of 300 ft or more you can move on to the next level. If you get thru the first 12 you can move into the bonus levels there are 13 bonus levels with a special More Powerful Truck. If you don't get a full pull in the bonus levels you have to start from the beginning. 

Added for this rev is front and rear air Pressure, Gear Ratios, Tire Types Also Different Tracks and Vehicle Performance.

This online Truck Pulling Game is a game in progress. Truck Pulling is a Sport in which the Driver of the Truck Drives the Truck as far as possible. The Sled tries to Slow the Truck Down. The Truck That Goes The farthest is the winner. In this game see how far you can go before the sled stops A Full Pull in this game is 300 Ft. But we do run a floating finish line so see how far past the 300 ft Mark you can get your Truck. There are also 8 levels of difficulty so if you get a full pull on the first you can move on to the next level. This Game is a newer version of an older Game that was created. This game has a bit better Graphics but it is still very crude. New in this Game you are able to change the Tire Pressure of the Truck and also shift weight a little more than the previous game. You can also change the look of the truck between 3 different types. In the future there will be more added to these games to make it a little more interesting. I am also working on a scoreboard type system that will keep track of the highest scores on the site. Thank you for your support of the Online Tractor Pulling Games of TurboSmoke by  Muller Motorsports and

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